Lucia Concert, December 2017

About Hedvig Eleonora Chorus Reginae

Linked to the Hedvig Eleonora parish in Stockholm, Hedvig Eleonora Chorus Reginae is a mixed choir with 35-40 singers of different ages. We are a joyful choir with an ambition to serve listeners with harmonious experiences that engage the heart. Led by our highly qualified conductor, Ulrika Mjörndal, we are committed to constantly develop our vocal techniques, voices and choral dynamics.

Chorus Reginae sings sacred music from most epochs as well as profane works often selected from the rich Swedish choral tradition.We are privileged to be accompanied by talented soloists, ensembles and even full orchestras. Our repertoire spans from the great classics to golden oldies to seasonal music, including works related to the liturgical year. We give concerts 6-7 times a year and regularly participate in Sunday Mass in the Hedvig Eleonora Church. Every second year, we do mini tours abroad giving concerts and taking part in church services.

Hedvig Eleonora Chorus Reginae

About our Conductor

Hedvig Eleonora Chorus Reginae is led and developed by Ulrika Mjörndal, who is choir leader and organist in the Hedvig Eleonora Parish, Stockholm. Ulrika is a graduate of the University College of Opera, Stockholm and has two further degrees in music from the Royal College of Music: vocalist and organist. With multi-year experience as an opera singer, she has appeared in prominent roles in a number of well-known operas and is the recipient of multiple scholarship awards. Ulrika is frequently engaged as a soloist in addition to her regular performances in the Hedvig Eleonora church.

Ulrika’s ambition with the choir in her own words:
My aim is not primarily to perform the most difficult works, but to help the choir produce the most beautiful phrases by refining the voices. It’s a lot about developing a good choral tone by supporting each singer in developing the core of his or her voice. Other important aspects such as intonation follow naturally. My main goal with the choir is to enable great listening experiences – that the song and the music will reach the audience in depth and make contact with feelings.”

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